The Acupressure Theory – How Acupressure Cures Back Discomfort and Stress

Maybe you have endured from the headache or migraine that all of a sudden disappeared minutes following a friend pressed different points in your hands? This is actually the type of healing that’s been around for years and years referred to as acupressure.

Acupressure is comparable to acupuncture but different in the technique. Acupressure uses pressure of someones hands, pressing lower in to the pressure points from the body to get rid of stress and heal discomfort like a headache. Acupuncture however uses a kind of pricks or needles to stimulate the physiques pressure point system while increasing the flow of bloodstream through the body.

An excellent new type of acupressure is a that you can do without the assistance of a specialist and could be done only using a little pad referred to as Nayoya Acupuncture pad A brief history from the Nayoya pad is extremely like this of traditional acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and sports massaging to get rid of stress in the body.

The theories behind these healing techniques are exactly what the Chinese call ‘chee’ the body’s vital energy which flows through the body. Based on these theories disease and stress which has unwanted effects on our bodies along with a person’s moods arise once the ‘chee’ is blocked off. By pressing certain acupressure points along an individuals body and areas for example hands, back, and ft, the ‘chee’ is channeled and r eased and flows to some certain area of the body and starts the recovery process.