Process Acupressure – Holistic Healing and Restored Energy Without Needles

Process Acupressure is really a therapeutic, hands-on bodywork modality that utilizes conventional methods located in classical Traditional chinese medicine to aid your body’s own balancing and healing processes in a very deep, core level. It is good for physical signs and symptoms and particular health problems, in addition to stress, trauma, emotional blocks or existence issues — all of which are too frequently connected, anyway. And you will find no needles involved!

When i first experienced Process Acupressure in 1998, at any given time after i what food was in a crossroads within my existence and unclear about my direction and then steps. Process Acupressure solved the problem obvious some big physical, energetic and emotional blockages and obtain on the path which was aligned using what I’m able to best call my soul’s purpose. It helped get me “from my mind” about my existence and reconnect with me and the body, to feel harmoniously with myself inside and outside.

As humans beings, our parts are interconnected, so our physiques become storehouses for those our existence encounters–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It frequently requires a multi-tiered method of make lasting changes when there exists a fundamental imbalance in a number of these areas. Process Acupressure supports this method by getting flow and awareness towards the body’s vital powers — which, consequently, are reflected in additional balanced levels of energy and feelings, elevated vitality, greater feeling of clearness and purpose, and improved health.

Process Acupressure uses gentle touch at tips across the energy pathways from the body (known as meridians) to produce limitations and re-balance energy flows in your body. What exactly are utilized using a type of touch known as “interface” that contacts both structure and from the body at the same time.

This facilitates connection, revitalization, and healing on the “whole-being” level.

Sessions occur dressed on the massage table. They’re relaxing and empowering simultaneously. Many clients report entering a deeply grounded condition that they gain awareness about key health or existence issues, yet still time experiencing a dynamic release that’s frequently supported by respite from physical signs and symptoms which have been troubling them.