How to Learn to Rock Climbing: From Indoor to Outdoor

Learning to climb on rock walls can seem intimidating, especially if you choose to do it without training. However, rock climbing is quite accessible when you know how to get started. Below are some tips to help you learn to rock climb:

Register at a Bouldering Gym

Bouldering is a kind of climbing that does not involve the use of ropes. It keeps you lower to the ground. A lot of gyms, including BlocShop in Montreal, specialise in this kind of climbing while others offer it alongside sport climbing.  Because of shorter walls, bouldering does not require much endurance, especially for routes meant for beginners. Learning to boulder before learning to sport climb is beneficial since it’s affordable and does not require a partner.

Build your Full Body Strength

Contrary to what many people think, climbing is actually a full-body sport instead of an upper-body strength activity. Generally, women find it hard to maintain their upper body strength. However, having a strong core and strong legs can usually make up for the lack of biceps. Great climbing techniques require climbers to perform plenty of push motions and balance. Climbing is about efficiency. But, it helps you gain confidence if you gain some strength in major body areas as you start climbing regularly. Some of the exercises that beginning climbers can perform to build their full body strength include plank, pull-downs, squats, dead hangs, and burpees.

Learn to Belay and Look for a Partner

When you decide to move from bouldering to top-roping, you will have to work with a partner. Start by finding a friend you trust and learn to belay together. This will help both of you know that you share the same risk-tolerances and knowledge levels. Experts recommend learning to belay even before you enter a gym. A belayer controls the rope attached to you. It will stop you from falling to eh ground when you let go of the wall. It is a simple skill to learn and maintain but you must take it seriously due to the risks involved.

Take an Outdoor Climbing Course

If you are serious about taking your indoor climbing abilities to the outdoors, you want to prepare yourself or the challenges by taking an outdoor climbing course. This will let you climb with amazing people who will teach you so much in a short amount of time. Outdoor climbing can be intimidating but it’s also quite rewarding.